Microdosing and Psychedelic Storytelling

april 30 2017 bossanova portland

Microdosing and Psychedelic Stories

  • Microdosing Info-session with Paul Austin of Third Wave
  • Psymposia Psychedelic Stories — Blue Dot Tour
  • Psychedelic-Inspired Vendors, Art, Live Music
  • Dinner and Drinks available

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bossanova Ballroom

722 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214


Tickets $10 advance; $15 at the door

21+ only

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Event hosted by PEERS and Psanctum Psychedelia

About the Microdosing Info-Session

PEERS brings you an interactive info-session and experience on one of the hottest topics from the psychedelic renaissance…


This event will happen in conjunction with Psymposia’s Blue Dot psychedelic storytelling tour Sunday, April 30 in Portland, OR at Bossanova Ballroom, 4 pm.

Microdosing is the new thing in the major media and various communities, including the tech industry, creative circles, start-ups and entrepreneurial worlds.

It is also being used by people seeking relief from daily stresses and mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Wired, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, GQ, and National Geographic have all published pieces about microdosing.

Why is microdosing a hot trend right now? Because it works!

Many, many people who have hit dead ends in both conventional and alternative medicine looking for relief from mood disorders have found success with microdosing.

For others, it simply delivers a boost in productivity, creativity, and general well being.

Come find out about the benefits of microdosing!

On Sunday, April 30, 2017, Paul Austin, founder of The Third Wave, will be joining PEERS to give an in-depth presentation about microdosing.

At this event, you will learn everything you want to know about microdosing, including:

•The basics of microdosing (and why it has become a new trend)
•Why you might want to try microdosing (and the potential risks)
•Possible avenues for microdosing experiments

You will also hear the personal stories of people who have experimented with microdosing in the past and discovered their own benefits.

Whether you’re an avid psychonaut or never tried psychedelics, you will get some insightful, inspiring take-aways from this event.

SCHEDULE — 4:30-7 pm
MEET AND GREET: Connect with friends and others interested in microdosing.
INFOSESSION: Lecture by Paul Austin

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This event is hosted in tandem with Psymposia’s Blue Dot psychedelic story tour, happening immediately following the microdosing lecture. Please stay for both!

Psymposia’s Blue Dot Psychedelic Story Tour

Following up the Microdosing Info-Session the leading psychedelic magazine Psymposia brings their national Blue-Dot Tour, beginning at 7:30 pm.

The Blue-Dot Tour is our two-month open-mic Psychedelic Stories road trip across the continent on the way to the Psymposia Stage at Psychedelic Science 2017 in Oakland.

Their goal is to hit blue cities in red states that serve as such pressure cookers of activism, education, and art. But also blue cities in blue states, red towns in red states, purple villages in green states, and anywhere we can find a host from Mexico to Canada.

For more information, visit their site: Psymposia.com

To get a feel for the event, watch videos of past story tours, including with Rick Doblin of MAPS.


About Guillaume on Sitar

Guillaume’s path to meditative journeys and sound healing with the sitar has been nurtured by a wildly diverse and interesting life. Immigrating from France at two-years-old, raised by his French mother, a woman of immensely diverse talents and interests herself, Guillaume was exposed to her world of modeling, being a salon owner, a mystic, a musician, and an exotic animal trainer. He believes being exposed to these varied experiences taught him to walk his own individual path, but to also work hard at something.

In his teens, Guillaume started to race bikes, eventually becoming one of the top five cyclist athletes in the state of Colorado, and raced around the world.

In his twenties he began the study of Buddhist meditation and extreme yoga practices, where he learned through breath and intuition that he could heal the injuries he sustained from his bike racing career.
In his mid-twenties, he became a club kid in the rave scene and experimented with altered states and microdosing. This is where he also first experienced the “bass body vibrations” and the “energetic massage” that could be achieved by the trance music he experienced in raves. These experiences inspired him to follow the trance music back to it’s source, in India, and Guillaume’s study of the sitar began. In his thirties, Guillaume began traveling with Renaissance fairs across the US, living in caravans and staying close to nature. The simple life he maintained of meditation, yoga, and staying closely connected to nature, allowed him the time and peace needed to practice the sitar.
He would later also spend eight years working with and photographing wild horses, further developing his knowledge of animal medicine and animal totem relations.

Guillaume endeavors to create a mixture between animal medicine and nature elements to bring into his performances, and to take people on a sound healing journey without any needed substance. He states “The doorway in the mind that is opened through microdosing is very similar to those created by high dynamic range sitar frequencies. Drones and sitar sounds also create a breath-like cycle of sound, like the four-part breath cycle, which puts you naturally into an ‘OM-cosmic’ type of realm.”

Guillaume has played for a wide array of venues and events including clubs in Vegas, ceremonies, belly dance performances, and traveling with Beats Antique in The Yard Dogs Road Show. In more recent years, he has evolved to mostly playing in yoga studios, workshops and healing events.

He has received many comments from attendees of his performances stating the healing and meditative affects the sitar sound vibrations has had on them, including comments about specific areas of their bodies receiving relief. He has also been told by attendees on multiple occasions that they have either seen or perceived Guillaume taking the shape of a large cat during his performances.

Guillaume will be playing at 4pm, and again at the intermission between 7 and 8pm.