Awakening Peace Through Peer Assisted Entheogenic Ceremonies

global_452730939While it is true that each traveler must walk the entheogenic journey for themselves, it need not be by themselves. Indeed, as we allow ourselves to see and be seen in the midst of this remarkable unfolding, we open to new levels of spontaneous compassion and courageous transparency toward An Undefended Life. Peer Assisted Entheogenic Ceremonies (PAX), combine entheogenic psychedelics with facilitated group interactions to illuminate and transform the early childhood limbic-reaction patterns that limit our ability to be at peace with ourselves and others.

PAX offers couples and social groups the content, context and structure necessary to step beyond traditional cognitive approaches in order to experience an effective and undefended approach to life’s challenges and relationships.

Please join us for an evening of interactive connection as we explore the synthesis of entheogenic non-dual reality with that of a deeply intimate group experience.

Marcus has been a student and guide of ceremonial entheogens for 26 years. His early work began as a facilitator with the Attitudinal Healing Center assisting children, adults, and care givers facing end-of-life emotions and concerns. He expanded into group processes by co-facilitating 10 years of men’s initiation weekends and leading weekly circles exploring self-discovery, personal empowerment, and interpersonal dynamics. These two were combined in support of college students struggling to maintain the emotional resilience necessary to continue their studies while processing the harsh realities of planetary ecosystem collapse. He currently offers Limbic Re-Patterning™ guidance to individuals and couples looking for relief from the autonomic patterns that impede personal satisfaction and interpersonal connection.

Friday, Dec. 2, 7 pm, Bush St. Wellness Center, 5336 SE Bush Street, Portland, OR

Please bring a small donation to help cover room rental and meetup fees.

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