PicsArt_1439699920192Welcome to Portland Entheogenic Exploration and Research Society — PEERS!

This site supports the PEERS group on meetup.com and is a place to get more information, buy tickets, and connect with fellow PEERS members in Portland.

To join the next meeting, go to our meetup.com page and RSVP. Please do not RSVP if you’re not sure whether you’ll show up as we count on accurate RSVPs to organize the space.


This is a “Find the Others…” group that explores re-emerging research of using ancient plant teachers and newer medicines to rewire the brain, break through stuck patterns, work through and emerge from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other spiritual and mental disorders, and tap into oneness. If you’re new to the scene and curious, this is the place to learn more.

PEERS is for those interested in building a community of like-minded souls walking a similar path in this dimension and beyond. As you know, we can’t talk about these things in our day-to-day life, so this is the place to do it among those who understand.

PEERS Mission Statement

The Portland Entheogenic Exploration and Research Society is a community of people who come together to foster evolutionary work on ourselves and help others integrate their experiences and foster their self-work. We emphasize creating an atmosphere of safety and mutual guidance and support, honor, trust, and integrity.

PEERS is a gathering of spiritual seekers and curious intellectuals looking for physical, psychological, or emotional healing, or to offer help to those who do. Everyone has a role that gives meaning and relevance to the group as a whole.

PEERS is an educational group, providing accurate and factual information on the spiritual and scientific aspects of entheogens and their use.

PEERS is an advocacy group, creating greater public awareness and less social stigma around the subject of entheogens. PEERS participates in and hosts events that support research, freedom to worship, and decriminalization efforts.

PEERS is a social outreach group to provide guidance and support to those in need or in temporary crisis, within the expectations of our knowledge and training and within legally acceptable boundaries (i.e., we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice or treatment).

What PEERS is not

PEERS does not wish to jeopardize the legal safety and security of any of its members. Therefore, we are not the group to come to if you are looking for information on where to obtain any illegal substances. Members may not make public announcements at meetings about the sale of or participation in illegal activities.

PEERS does not give advice on the use of illegal substances. PEERS does not take responsibility for your involvement in illegal activities or outcomes from that.