Keeping Kratom Legal

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, from to Tabor Space (5441 SE Belmont (Muir Hall) located inside Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church).

Peter Addy is the organizer of the new Oregon Kratom Users MeetupĀ happening at Tabor Space (Annex Room) at 10 am this Thursday March 23.


What’s it about? The Oregon Board of Pharmacy is interested in learning more about kratom and kratom users. Went Peter went to their meeting last month no one knew much of anything about the plant. Everyone there seemed genuinely curious and eager to learn more. Their next meeting is Thursday April 6, and they will set aside some time at the end for members of the public to address them. I have and will continue to address the Board as a medical researcher and former substance abuse therapist. You can address the Board as an Oregonian with a personal story to tell. Stories are more interesting and more relatable than statistics and pharmacology data! Are you willing and able to share your story on April 6th? If so, come to the meetup on March 23rd and we can talk about what that will be like and how to speak effectively. I’m not a pharmacist, but I can speak like a pharmacist. I can help you tell your story in a way that will make it more likely to be heard and valued.


Are you unable or unwilling to speak with the Board on April 6th? No problem! You can call them at 971-673-0001. Marcus Watt, RPh, executive director, introduced the idea and has already received several calls from kratom users. Fiona Karbowicz, RPh, pharmacist consultant, is in charge of their fact-finding study.


You can also call the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Floyd Prozanski, at 503-986-1704 or 541-342-2447. The Judiciary Committee is in charge of the Senate Bill to ban kratom. He was very friendly when I spoke with him in January, and he said that he has no intention on bringing the bill to a vote, because there are far more important things happening in state and national politics right now. However, the Board of Pharmacy is conducting their study anyway and will share their results with the Judiciary Committee. So, both groups would love to hear from you!


Peter is happy to share tips and suggestions on how to word things and how to get your point across. Everyone is on the same side! They are seeking information, and you have information to provide.

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