Portland 920 Psilocybin Mushroom Day! — online tickets sold out

Online tickets for a seat to the event are sold out. Walk-ins will be able to watch the event simulcast downstairs; donation requested the door.

September 20 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

920 Portland Psilocybin Mushroom Day!

• Mushroom growing demo

• Microdosing Q&A forum

• Therapeutic psilocybin legalization plan with Oregon Psilocybin Society

Join us for 920 day when we’ll explore the psychospiritual properties of psilocybin and discuss plans to to put legalization of this healing medicine on the 2020 Oregon ballot.

Mushroom growing demo: We’ll start with a mycology expert’s live demo of how to easily and affordably cultivate mushrooms. One lucky raffle winner will go home with a completed culinary mushroom kit.

Microdosing Q&A: Following is a microdosing Q&A with panel members and the audience. This is a follow-up to the popular PEERS microdosing event we had back in the spring.

Therapeutic psilocybin legalization: Our feature event is a presentation from the Oregon Psilocybin Society about plans to put the legalization of therapeutic psilocybin on the 2020 ballot.

Oregon Psilocybin Society founders and counselors Tom and Sheri Eckert envision a historic push to legalize and regulate Psilocybin Services (Psilocybin Assisted Therapy) statewide. A growing number of Oregonians are joining the cause in response to the latest science showing the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin.

In this tag-team presentation, Tom and Sheri will describe their proposed service modality and regulatory framework. They’ll unpack the latest research on the psychologically transformative power of the mystical experience. With an eye to the future, they’ll explore how regulated psilocybin services may help to unlock our collective creativity, eco-mindedness, and deeper intuitions.

Tom and Sheri’s ballot initiative proposal, which they hope to submit for inclusion on the 2020 ballot, represents not only an unprecedented step in drug policy reform, but a strong affirmation of psychedelic science, the value of self-exploration, and a truth held increasingly self-evident: that the psychedelic experience, when administered under safe and supportive conditions, can be a life-changing gift.

Read the Vice article about Oregon Psilocybin Society HERE.




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