Psychedelic Safety: Where, when, and with whom

PEERS is hosting a Meetup about Psychedelic Safety: Where, when, and with whom on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Bush St. Wellness Center (5336 SE Bush Street, Portland, OR (map)


Set and setting describes the context for psychedelic experiences, and they are vitally important to consider. Where is your experience going to happen? Have you carved out enough time to prepare, experience, and process afterwards? How well do you know the people you are with, and do they feel safe to you? Have you thought about a trusted sitter to hold space and be on hand in case things get rocky? Is this sitter someone you either know really well or who comes with a solid track record and good references?

All of these are important things to consider to optimize your experience rather than have it become a grueling test of endurance. Our speaker will talk about these aspects based on experience and research within the entheogenic scene, with a goal of helping you learn how to get the most therapeutic and spiritual benefit from your journey.

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