The Last Shaman movie screening at Cinema 21 for one week

  • On Friday, May 26, 2017 @ 7:00 PM at Cinema 21

616 SW 21st Ave, Portland, OR (map)

  • Opens May 26, 2017 for one week at Cinema 21. Check for times.

    “How far would you go to save your own life?”

    THE LAST SHAMAN follows a young man who takes matters into his own hands when faced with debilitating depression and suicidal thoughts. From the outside looking in, James is living the American dream. But behind closed doors James has no desire to live.

    He travels to the Amazon rainforest with one mission at hand, saving his own life. THE LAST SHAMAN explores James’ search for a Shaman who can help him, and along the way he faces obstacles and life threatening experiences with tribal plants medicines.

    Offering an intimate look into how depression affects the whole family, the self, and the relentless quest for an alternative solution, Raz Degans’ courageous documentary reveals one man’s struggle with depression and the lengths he will go when traditional methods have failed.

    THE LAST SHAMAN is a rare look at a life changing experience in the jungle, and the emerging alternative use of plant medicines and psychedelic science as a path to mental health.

    No special meeting, this is just to let you know this film is showing locally.

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